Raising finance through crowdfunding and peer-to-peer platforms can be complicated, especially if you’re trying for the first time. There are a lot of important aspects that you need to have in place before you even think about approaching a platform.

We want to help. Below you’ll find a series of short guides that’ll walk you through some of the most crucial parts of your fundraising campaign.


1. Introduction

Welcome to our series of short guides on how to raise money on both crowdfunding and peer-to-peer platforms. Each guide is designed to teach you the most important aspects of each stage when raising funds. All our guides are free though the copyright remains with us. You are not allowed to copy or distribute any of our guides without our prior permission. We are not offering you financial advice. Our guides are free of charge and we will not take any responsibility for how you use them.

2. Equity or Debt?

Deciding whether to pursue an equity or debt raise is one of the very first things you need to sort out. It all depends on your circumstances.

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3. Your Business Plan

A solid business plan will give prospective investors a clear view of who you are and what you’re planning to do. It might seem daunting at first but you may be surprised at how we think a business plan should be written.

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4. Financial Projections

Financial projections allow prospective investors to see how profitable your business will be in the future. This is one of the most important aspects of a fundraising campaign, especially if you are raising debt.

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5. The Pitch Video

In an equity raise a great pitch video is a must. This is usually the first part of the campaign that prospective investors will see. It’s incredibly important to get across who you are, what you’re doing and where the money will be spent.

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6. Completion

So, you’ve successfully raised your money, but what happens next?

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