Men Use Crowdfunding More Than Women But Are Less Successful

Men use crowdfunding more than women but are less successful at hitting their funding targets according to a report from PwC.

Male-led campaigns numbered 139,000 during the two year period of the survey whilst women led just 55,000. However, though the male campaigns raised more capital in absolute terms, only 17% of their campaigns actually hit the funding target whereas 22% of female campaigns were a success.

This may be down to men setting higher targets but the report also said that crowdfunding was a more accessible way for women to raise capital.

Another difference between the sexes is that, even though men tended to receive more pledges, women tended to garner more funds per pledge than men. Though this wasn’t reflected in Asia or Asean where men pulled in more funds per pledge than women.

In global terms, the average amount pledged by individual backers to women was $87 whereas men received an average of $83.